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IMSPrime | Educational ERP Online | College ERP | institute management

IMSPrime is the first Cloud based institute ERP solution defined as single interface to every requirements of an institute with 42 modules.
It can be used by any institute, collage, university, school, kindergarten franchises, coaching institution helping them transforming the educational standards,
increases the security of the institution, manages the resources in an efficient way, reduces the communication gap between the parents, faculties and management team.

Lightworks Review | SaveDelete

Lightworks is among the best video editing software that has been around in the market than most of its competitors. However, it hasn’t get the deserved widespread acceptance by video editing users and the community. This video editor has numerous features which make it a powerful editing program, irrespective of operating systems.

20+ breath taking Paper Cut works – Lava360

Creative arts using paper and scissor, is a handicrafts that can easily surprise people. With these simple tools that anyone can create these types of greeting cards, wall calendars and fancy gift packages which will be received with delight. Simplicity, concentration and creativity – that’s all the elements needed to turn the flimsy sheet of paper into a work of art called “paper cut”.

60+ breath taking footpaths designs

Today we will bring to you a great article for those who love the garden as well as the footpaths. If a visitor come to your home, then when they walk in the garden and feel extremely excited, it is also the joy of the owner like you. Creating a perfect path in your garden requires a lot of skill and creativity. Here are a tip for you to have a nice garden, as well as a wonderful footpaths designs: