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Recently in August 2017 Microsoft Corporation Introducing the beta, in this product improve programming, design, and artificial intelligence also user web experience. It provide a faster experience for reading and attach files & photos faster, also you can personalize your inbox with mostly used folders or files. Switch the toggle located on the top right corner of your inbox Try the beta. You can share your experience & feedback with

Professional QuickBooks File Recovery Software & Tool

Here comes QuickBooks file recovery tool which repairs and restores damaged database of QuickBooks application. This is excellent recovery software which successfully recovers all types of information from the corrupt or damaged QBW files. The main feature of this software is that it recovers QuickBooks files anyway whatever is the reason of damage like virus attack, improper shutdown of system, application malfunction and user errors.

Build Food Delivery app like Ubereats

Universally accepted fact…”One thing that sets everything right, food”. Yes, that is how people are emotionally connected to this divine blessing. Gear up, install this copy of UberEats and deliver happiness conveniently. Access to multiple restaurants with a varied cuisine satiating the taste buds of every customer , thus, increasing your position in the revenue ladder.