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Imagine what life would be like if you rarely ever had your feelings hurt, were offended, felt inadequate or judged again....Joy, Peace, FREEDOM! If you......

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When facing an offense or the potential for offense, there are only two choices: prevention or cure. It’s always harder to recover from a problem than......

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I’ve found “How To Stop The Pain” to be an outstanding tool, not only in my own life but in the lives of the women I minister to. Since reading this book....

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When people hurt us, that hurt represents a need in their life. The Hebrew word for “rebuke” brings about repentance through kindness and by ministering......

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ourselves.I read each chapter over and over with my Bible next to me to check Dr. Richards’ perspective and found my life was full of judgments. As I......

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Join our unique personal development membership program that offers year-round teaching and community. Get personally mentored throughout the year by Dr. Jim Ri...

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The disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith for forgiveness, but Jesus said all they needed was the faith of a mustard seed. In other words, Jesus......

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I thought he was foolish for letting go of the "gift" of judgment. I held on to the pain others had caused me for my entire Christian journey. I actually......

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