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The Customer is a leading SaaS company with 3000 SMEs as customers. Customer was aiming to comply with GDPR and needed external support in fortifying its cloud ...

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Customer is a leading SaaS company with over 100 customers. Customer would like to ensure their code is secure from OWASP top 10 attacks and other security vuln...

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The client is a global personal finance company, which allows people to easily buy and spend Bitcoin and other currencies....

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Customer is a leading Fintech with over 200000 users. Customer collects confidential information like PII through the Mobile Apps. ...

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Customer is Australia's leading insurance company. Customer's security team had been performing penetration tests using various commercial tools like Acunetix, ...

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Given that it is literally the industry of money, fintech is an enticing target for cyber-criminals desiring to become rich instantly. ...

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Ranging from personal details to business-critical data, a wide variety of information gets targeted in these cyber-crimes. ...

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Having secured over 3000 applications over a period of 6 years and after 300 customer engagements, Entersoft has developed an Application Security Maturity Scor...

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